Corruption Concerns in the Work Place

Jan 31

There are many laws regarding equal pay in order to ensure fairness in the work place. Whether it is minimum wage or protection against gender discrimination, laws regarding salary are in place to protect employees.

The federal government has set minimum wage at $7.25/hour, however New York’s minimum wage is $8.75/hour. On top of this, for every hour worked over 40/week, the employer must be compensated by one and a half times that rate/hour. If not, the website of the law offices of Cary Kane speaks to how an employer can sue based on on theft.

Sexual discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination is another way in which salary equality is violated in the work place. Sexual orientation is defined by how one aligns his or her self, whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or transgender. A New York sexual orientation discrimination lawyer can explain further when discrimination is evident. This includes when when an employee’s salary has been unfairly discredited on account of their sexuality. For example, this could be when a man gets a raise but a woman doesn’t, although they have been performing the same task.

Violations regarding workers’ salary are rampant, and the responsible party can be held legally accountable. Under minimum wage laws, an employee can take legal action against an employer for theft dating back to the previous six years. In discrimination cases, based on sex or sexual orientation, illegal actions can be reported. In any of these instances, employees should receive justice for their hard work, or for crimes that have been illegally committed to their expense.

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