Responsibilities of Insurance Companies After Hurricanes

Feb 04

Hurricanes are devastating. They tear homes, families and cities apart. After the devastation, insurance companies should repair houses that have been damaged by the storm. Filing for residential hurricane insurance claims can be difficult, and communicating with insurance companies can be frustrating. However, it is the responsibility of insurance companies to compensate for repairing damage.

The website of the Williams Kherkher law firm notes how Hurricane Sandy caused between $5 billion and $10 billion insured losses. Overall damages are overwhelming. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect the home and the people inside of it after these damages occur. Insurance premiums are paid so the homeowner can receive compensation for the home to be brought back to its original state.

Although policies have differing time periods to submit a claim, most often it is within one year of the incurred damage. Homeowners premium rates shoud not go up in “Act of God” instances. Since Hurricane Sandy inflicted “Act of God” damages, increasing premiums are not allowed in most insurance company policies.

The first step in recovering some of these losses is calling a contractor to estimate repair costs. However, problems can arise if the contractor is sent by the insurance company, because they can have an alternate incentive. Having multiple estimates is beneficial to the homeowner in order to have a reliable estimate for the insurance company.

If you have been subject to problems regarding your homeowners insurance after Hurricane Sandy, a lawyer can help acquire compensation for your damages. Whether the companies are not acknowledging the repair estimate, or are increasing your premium rates, contact an attorney that can legally hold the insurance company accountable.

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