Common Causes of Construction Slip and Falls

Feb 02

What causes the majority of injuries on construction sites? Accidental slip and falls. Sites everywhere must be fully equipped with prevention equipment, but accidents happen all the time. There are many causes that contribute to construction workers slipping falling, and thus injuring themselves of the worksite.

Slipping in a puddle of water, oil, or other liquid substance can be extremely dangerous because it is uncertain as to how the worker will land. In many instances, the result is a fractured bone. However, according to the website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., these falls could result in concussions or brain injuries that have detrimental effects on the worker.

Another cause of slip and falls are slick floors and cluttered worksites. When floors don’t have any traction (if they are made of metal, wet wood, smooth concrete, etc.), the workers are put at risk. Secondly, when worksites have unclear pathways, workers can trip and fall over something in their way. It is important to be aware of the surroundings of the construction site to prevent future problems.

The website of the attorneys at Hach and Rose site a common mistake to the problem of improper safety equipment. Falls occur when workers don’t have proper scaffolding and ladders. The result of losing one’s balance without proper scaffolding is life threatening, and the construction worker has the right to pursue the responsible party.

All of these instances can be prevented if the contractor or sub-contractor adheres to proper safety regulations. When they are not kept, people get hurt. Consult with a lawyer in your area if you have been a victim on a construction site due to the unsafe working environment.

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